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Faronics Deep Freeze Standard Patch

Faronics Deep Freeze Standard Patch =====

Update: I found the deep freeze standard 8.56 from a website after long searches and after I installed it, the deep freeze icon on system tray will disappeared. I remeber this happened when I replaced the 'Persi0.sys' with the patched one. Now while I only was selected to only freeze dive C and leave the all USB/IEEE/IDE/New-Drives to the Thawed-status, but now everydrive is frozen and there is no way to breath this deep freeze as the system tray icon disappeared. I changed the clock 40years ahead in BIOS replaced the 'Persi0.sys' with the old non patched version(original version) in safemode-with-command-prompt, I tried this with the clock change for 40 years ahead, and nothing fixing this isse. All drives is frozen. I have Veracrypt instaled on the C drive and the OS/Drive-C and other drives are also have encrypted contained and also I have other encrypted drives. Surprisingly even when I tried to save the data into the encrypted container in E or F or G drive, and I closed the contained, and then restarted the windows, very shocked when I saw the files inside the encrypted container(that have the predefined size like 64B to 250GB), data inside the encrypted container is also frozen. I'm confused and need urgent advice on how to remove this deep freeze standard. Also, the installation file will not uninstall it as it shows the deep freeze is still running, even closing the deep freeze services, will not help the uninstall process. While I restart the laptop, everything will be reverted back to before freeze status. I need urgent advice, please 153554b96e


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