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we know for a fact, in the united states today, we dont have widespread addiction among homeless people. we have problems with substance abuse, even among people on the streets. whats different about the homeless is that, for the most part, for these people, you arent seeing them when they are in acute distress, that is, when they are putting on their streets. most of the time, that person is just invisible. at that moment, hes not taking you, and neither is anybody else in the neighborhood. he isnt doing anything else. he is sitting on the corner and not doing anything else. thats why thats important, because you arent seeing him.

properly structured and maintained, cockroaches can be far less harmful and more hygienic than a lot of other bugs, parasites and bacteria, and can even be beneficial to your home. although you may not notice them, cockroaches are a common problem in homes and commercial buildings because they require very little space to multiply and reproduce. while a large infestation of cockroaches can be very annoying, they are not generally dangerous to humans. according to the uk government, if an infestation occurs in a single dwelling, it should be treated as soon as possible with a non-lethal, self-applying cockroach control, however it is not advisable to attempt treatment yourself.

the fda is looking into whether a new treatment called diflucan can be used to treat patients with advanced-stage skin cancer. im not a medical expert but some people with this condition have developed resistance to established cancer treatments, so if theres no other options left, an experimental new treatment is just what theyve been looking for. 3d9ccd7d82


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