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Where To Buy Samsung Gear Fit

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But most of the navigation on the Gear Fit 2 is done on the 1.5 inch Super AMOLED display, which has a resolution of 432216. Swiping from side to side brings the user to the different widgets that include shortcuts to the heart rate monitor, workouts, and trackers for water and caffeine intake. The colors on the AMOLED screen are where one would expect from Samsung, and the display is properly responsive for getting in and out of the various features.

You need install the new Samsung Weather in Gear Fit. Go in Samsung Galaxy App for Gear, in Gear App located in cellphone, go in setup, App layout and locate the Weather App, click on a gear just in right side and setup popup will open. You will can select more options about The Weather App in Gear Fit 2.

Thanks. I had it working on my watchface but that allows you to swipe right to access the weather if you were using a watchface that did not support the weather complication. It also updated the weather screen with a slightly different layout including sunset, chance of rain, uv index. If you go into Apps Layout in the Gear Fit 2 app, there's a gear icon to set the temperature units, refresh rate, etc.

Hi, everyone. We are so glad to have you here and are happy to see your active participation. We do recommend that you include a little more information regarding your question. This might include the model number of your watch, the device you have your phone connected to, and the current software version of your Gear Fit 2. Please also include information on the watchface you are using to view the weather on. For setting the temperature settings, you may go into your gear manager and select the accuweather app for additional options that may be available.

Now comes your comments on using the gear manager to access accuweather's additional options....simply not possible on a GearFit 2 with the latest software. You obviously don't know the products you are troubleshooting. Grrr...

I've been experiencing some issues with my gear fit 2 pro heart rate during exercices, especially inconsistency in heart rate monitor during "other workout". With gear fit 2 I had no problems, but since I upgraded, I haven't had a clear reading and I've been using my gear fit 2 pro for more than a month now.

For exemple (using Samsung health app), with gear fit 2 I would get peaks of 200 or more during exercice and now the peak I get is around 180. Also, during workout, sometimes the band vibrates as if not able to measure heart rate. I also get a flat line at 180, for exemple, of two or more minutes in the workout graph which I think is should not happen.

I am a bit surprised on how you missed several things with this device First, you can set the pedometer info to transfer to a S5 between once Every3 hours or every 24 hours with a few other choices in between. You can also transfer now by tapping the Transfer Now button in the Gear fit manager. Als, my gear fit store my gender, weight and age.

I actually complained about downloading/using multiple apps where every other company requires one (and the apps are very poor). If you re-read that section, I even noted that updating the software is actually quite normal for most devices.

Hit publish by accident. As I said the gear fit knows my age. Height, weight and gender and that used in the calculations. 9300 steps, 4.6 miles and 600 calories. A far cry from your 8 mile run at 285 calories.

Now the heart rate monitor needs to improve. Useless right now if it is not continous. Also the lack of sleep tracking data (but yet it tracks sleep on the device) in the app is perplexing. I also have not used it for exercise outside of the pedometer yet. But the distance and calories have been on par with my vivofit from garmin. I actually like how the gear fit shows the calories Burned for my steps unlike the garmin which lumps the stumps with your normal daily calorie burn.

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